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With unreleased CB Band songs from 2006 back to classics from the 70’s, this anthology of some of Chuck’s recent and vintage recordings is raising funds for The U-Turn For Christ ministry. For 17 years, Chuck has been ministering to those in this highly effective Christian rehab program. With so many in our society today, trapped by substance-abuse and all that accompanies that lifestyle, this CD has been a dream come true for the CB Band. They are donating 20% of all these CD sales to U-Turn For Christ.

    NEWER CUTS Recorded
  • U-Turn For Christ 2001
  • Changed Man 2004
  • Uprising 2006
  • The Secret Source 2004
  • Real Men 2006
  • On The Hill ( Mouse’s Share Publishing) 2006 (CB solo)
    CLASSICS Recorded
  • Two Roads 1971 (Country Faith)
  • The Ballad of Luke Warm 1972 (Country Faith)
  • Come Quickly Jesus (L. Vocal: T. Stipe) 1972 (Country Faith)
  • Nursery Rhyme 1973 (CB solo)
  • Pearly Mansions 1974 (CB solo)
  • My Peace ( Thank You Music, U.K.) 1976 (CB solo)

20% of the proceeds from the sale of this CD will be donated to U-Turn For Christ, a substance-abuse program making a difference in both men’s & women’s lives.

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